Let the Ministry begin!


These pasts weeks we have seen the Lord’s favor on this ministry!!! Here i present a recount of what’s happening in Del Corazon from February 24th to March 3rd 2015:

BeMommy is here!!


This sweet and faithful woman of God, is Gail Bennett (BeMommy, like her grandkids call her). She is a RNC,MSN and brings her 39 years of experience to serve in Del Corazon by training me in women’s health care and develop a women’s Bible study and will stay with us for a month. she has a heart for mothers and babies, and the community had received her with joy! I am blessed to have her here and to start this new season of Del Corazon with her help.

Mujeres Del Corazón!


On Feb,26th we (Gail and I) went out in the community to meet and invite the ladies to our Women’s group Mujeres Del Corazon (Women’s from the Heart). A time to get to know each other here in El Catey, to know our bodies and how we can take better care of it and be better women in the community. More important, a time to get to know more of God. We also shared with them the new scheddule for consults and the special consult for women’s health that we have now at the clinic. The ladies welcomed us and were very happy to hear that they will have a special consult for them. Some of the ladies said that if i stay for a year and they get used to me as their doctor, that i must stay in El Catey forever!! this was a huge encouragement for me, to feel so welcome by them ..glory to God!

Independence Day.


On Feb 27th the D.R celebrates its independence day and this year we were invited to be guests at the program that the local elementery school had prepare for that day. It was a great opportunity to see the whole community participating , specially the kids who did such a great job throughout the activities.

1rts Class.


March 2nd was the first meeting of Mujeres Del Corazon. Gail and I taught the ladies what are the parts of their reproductive system and the importance of knowing the menstrual cycle. We made a craft that would help them to know  better their cycle. Also we shared what the Bible says about a womans period, how a woman was considered impure and all that she touched was impure until night;as it reads in the book of Leviticus. One of the ladies, her name is Belkis stayed after the class and shared about her life and we were able to pray for her. Just how amazing is God by creating us womens in a way that make us able to be a part of the creation of another human being.

1rst Consult.


On March 3rd we started consults back at the clinic. General consults are now Tuesday thru Thursday; from 9am-12 pm and Women’s Health consults are from 2pm-5pm. The consults started on a slow pace the first week, which allowed us to adapt to the new way the clinic is now functioning. So far every week we are seeing more patients; helping most of their medical needs and praying for them, so that the Great physician be the healer in every area of their lives.

We are so thankful for God’s favor on us, for His wisdom and for all the great things He will do in Del Corazon de Jesucristo!! Please continue to pray with us and let us know how can we pray for you!

Hogar Dulce Hogar



El 17 de febrero Dios me permitió ver su bondad y fidelidad en mi vida, haciendo de este el día oficial para mudarme a El Catey en Samaná, y así iniciar el camino de mi llamado a servir junto a los Dorsey como médico misionero. Han pasado 7 años desde que visité por primera vez El Catey y me enamoré de la comunidad. Me quedé sorprendida por la paz y la belleza de Dios en este lugar. Lo más importante es que, fue entonces cuando por primera vez Dios me dijo: “Esta tierra es fructífera y está lista”.

Desde entonces, mi deseo de servir junto a los Dorsey ha crecido y se ha fortalecido en mí por las confirmaciones de Dios. Él me está demostrando que ahora es el momento de ir a ayudar a cosechar esta tierra fértil para su reino. Tengo un corazón especialmente para las mujeres de esta comunidad. Por lo tanto, voy a servir en un ministerio de salud para mujer. Este ministerio ofrece un programa de cuidado de salud de la mujer para proporcionar atención ginecológica general. Además, yo también serviré como una proveedora de atención primaria para pacientes de medicina general  en la clínica. Dentro de la comunidad, mis objetivos son desarrollar un estudio bíblico para mujeres y junto con nuestros otros líderes de la Iglesia Cuadrangular, participare en la fundación de una nueva iglesia Cuadrangular en El Catey.

Mi petición a  ustedes es que, en oración considere ser parte de este ministerio. Fue a través de la oración, que Dios comenzó este viaje y necesito de sus oraciones para seguir este llamado. Tengo un compromiso por un año para comenzar, asi que yo también les pido que consideren en oración ayudar económicamente. Mis gastos son de $25,000 por mes. Esto incluye mis gastos de comida, transporte, seguro médico, etc.

Estoy  tan emocionada y  a la expectativa de lo que Dios hará este año en El Catey!. Gracias por su generosidad y lo más importante, por sus oraciones.
Sean bendecidos,


Home Sweet Home


On February 17th God allowed me to see His goodness and faithfulness in my life by making that day my official moving day to El Catey in Samana, to start the journey of my calling to serve alongside the Dorseys as a missionary doctor.  It has been 7 years since I first visited El Catey and  fell in love with the community. I was amazed at God’s peace and beauty in this place. Most importantly, it was then when I first heard Him say : ” This land is fruitful and it’s ready”.

Ever since, my desire to serve alongside the Dorsey’s has grown and strengthened in me, by God’s confirmations. He is showing me that now is the time to go and help reap that fruitful land for His kingdom. I have a heart  especially for the women in this community. Therefore, I will be serving in a womens health ministry. This ministry provides a women’s health care program to provide general Gynecological care. In addition,i will  also serve as a primary care provider for general medical patients seen in the clinic. Within the community, my goals are to develop a Women’s Bible study and together with our other Foursquare leaders, I will participate in planting a new Foursquare  church in El Catey.

My request to you is that you prayerfully consider being a part of this ministry. With and through prayer, God started this journey and I need your prayers to continue this calling. I have a commitment for a year to begin, for which I  also ask you to prayerfully consider being a financial supporter. My expenses are $600 per month. This includes my living expenses, transportation, health insurance, etc.

I am so exited and expectant of what God will do this year in El catey!.Thank you for your generosity and most importantly, your prayers.

Be blessed,


Harry Carter, M.D.


My trip to the Dominican Republic began when representatives from FAME (Fellowship of Association of Medical Evangelism) came to our church to share missions opportunities.  Our church supports FAME and I was interested to learn more about their ministry.  When the representative began talking, I knew immediately that God was calling me to go.  I had never been on a mission trip but we started planning right away.  We arranged for our youngest daughter and foster daughter to be cared for by family while we were away.


The trip was amazing.  It was better than any family vacation and it didn’t feel at all like work.  As physician, I always needed to be in control (scheduled office appointments, call, etc) and always worked hard to maintain order.  Despite my inability to control this situation in any way, God was with us throughout the trip and taught me to let Him do the leading.  When we met our group in Miami for the last part of the journey to the Dominican, I gained a sense of peace that I knew would sustain me throughout the trip.  When we arrived, I was amazed by the Dorsey’s hospitality.  They treated us as if we had been best friends all our lives.  They were so open and real.


The daily medical clinics were wonderful experiences.  The people were so poor and had so many needs that we couldn’t satisfy especially with very limited resources.  However, in all situations, we did all we could to make a difference.  Besides providing medical care, I was able to address their spiritual needs.  I prayed in Spanish to try to personally connect with those who didn’t know the love of Jesus Christ.  The patients were all so grateful and shared their lives with us.  One of my favorite parts was witnessing to a young family when the youngest daughter started singing a hymn in Spanish to me.  Her heartfelt love for Jesus was clearly evident in  her passionate smiles.  A home visit allowed me to visit an elderly man confined to a 6’ by 8’ room due to a stroke.  He had a picture of Jesus on his wall and sang praises with his garbled speech with great fervor in praise to our Lord and Savior.  Besides the joyful moments, there were heart-wrenching situations also.  One of my patients was brought in for treatment but his dementia had progressed to the point that he couldn’t make a decision for Christ.  Another patient spoke only Creole as she was from Haiti.  The Haitians are hard workers and were brought into the Dominican to do hard physical labor.  My words had to be translated into Spanish then into Creole and vice-versa to learn of her insurmountable plight.


The fellowship with God’s people was amazing.  Leslie, Franklin, Elsa, Fredelina (of the Dominican Republic), and many others touched my life greatly.  The fellowship with the team really made me feel at ease. It was fun learning more about Steve’s plans for the mission.  Despite not having any first world conveniences, we were happy and more than satisfied.  We didn’t care about television or the news because it didn’t bother us. The beautiful tropical climate was also peaceful and refreshing.  Our summer 2014 134children learned about the true meaning of Christian love.


In the future, we can’t wait to return.  In  just one week, our lives were so affected in ways in which we will never comprehend.  Through all, may God be praised.



Harry Carter, M.D.

Professional Umpire Academy

My name is Hardlen “Harley” (like the motorcycle) Acosta.  I live in El Catey, Dominican Republic, right next to Del Corazon de Jesucristo.  I have been here all of my life and I have spent a lot of time with this ministry.  It was there that I learned about Jesus.  That changed my life.

I played in the Del Corazon little league and enjoyed it very much.  As I got older, I began to umpire the games.  One day, a group of missionaries came.  One of them was an umpire.  He gave a course in umpiring which encouraged and motivated me.  I realized I could do this and my dream to become a professional umpire began.

I understand that being an excellent umpire requires discipline, integrity, leadership and very hard work.  Part of my preparation has involved training and working as an aviation security officer.  This has helped to build character and to raise financial support.  I also continue to be involved with Del Corazon when I am not working.  This helps me with spiritual and physical development.

My ultimate goal is to be a professional umpire in major league baseball.  I will be an example and role model to the youth of El Catey and my country, demonstrating success through hard work, character, discipline and most of all commitment to Jesus Christ.

There has never been a Dominican umpire in major league baseball.  Through Del Corazon, I was able to meet the only Dominican in the minor league system, Ramon de Jesus.  He has been very positive and encouraging and has helped me with some advice.  First, I must attend professional umpire school in Florida.( http://www.umpireschool.com/index.htm)  I must do well in the course and then enter the minor league system.  The cost for the course, including food transportation from the Dominican and lodging will be approximately $5,000.00.  I am saving half of my salary from aviation security job every month which will add up to $1700.00  by the end of this year.  I am very excited about this opportunity and expect it to be an experience of growth and maturity in all areas of my life.  Would you consider helping me achieve my dream?

These are my needs:

  • Pray that I would continue developing discipline, integrity, spiritual maturity and physical fitness.
  • Pray that I learn English better.
  • Pray that I would be a strong role model for the youth.
  • Support me financially.  All donations can be made through Del Corazon and will be helb by them until I enter the academy.


Thank you for your generosity and for what you have allowed God to do through you in2009 1532 Del Corazon.hardlen 2

Tools and Equipment Needed


My name is Jeffrey. I am a second year dental student. The Lord put it in my heart to go to dental school so I could help those who need dental care. Since the first day of dental school I have enjoyed it very much. I am very grateful to those who have helped support me with my education.

When I am not in school I am at Del Corazon de Jesucristo in my home town, working to maintain the property. To maintain the property correctly we need tools and equipment. Currently we are looking for a welding machine, a pressure washer and a cordless hammer drill. If anyone has any of this equipment, or knows someone who does, you may donate it and send it to us by airplane through Ministry Flights International located in Ft Pierce Florida. Also, I would really like to have a mountain bike to get around El Catey.

Thank you to all who support Del Corazon,

God Bless you,

JeffreyOct 2013 277

Summer Highlights: Ken Stuursma, Baseball Ministry

In August of 2013 a group of guys assembled in New York City to embark on a journey to the DR. 2 of the guys were from AZ, 3 were from OH and 1 was from VA.  Their ages ranged from 14-50+ and their common thread was a passion for baseball, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to teach both to others.  The trip began a long time ago when 2 of us got together via a mutual friend and realized the strong Christian brotherhood we had and a shared love for coaching the game we played for a good part of our lives.  It was amazing how often we spoke about going to the DR, but it wasn’t until one of us moved to AZ and was introduced to Dr. Steve Dorsey that things really took off.  We had BIG plans and figured we could do amazing things in the DR and do things better than they had ever been done before. We planned to take competitive travel teams down there and play all over the country and share the message of salvation in front of crowds of people.  We were going to bring down baseball equipment, and run the most professional camps ever seen in the DR and save lives for Christ at every stop. In a nutshell we thought we had it all figured out. Fortunately for us, God’s plans are always better and always bigger.  As we planned our trip, people dropped out, players didn’t want to come, equipment became difficult to get and then there were issues with getting it there, and in the end there were only 6 of us. No team, no great plan, no great anything except a willing heart and THAT is were our story begins.
We arrived in the DR on a Saturday and were greeted by Dr. Dorsey and 2 of his boys Gato and Freddy. Both spoke a little English but there was not much we could understand.  As we drove into the campus Steve and his wife had built we were instantly drawn to the baseball field. I guess in that sense, we were very similar to our DR brothers who love the game.  It was there we met Freddie, Harley and Jeffrey.  We laughed and played baseball for hours, each of us trying to out do the other.  We played catch, pitched to each other, tried to hit off each other.  It was like we all had digressed back to our youth although some of us, including myself, had long passed those days.  The bond wasn’t just baseball, their was a really sense of brotherhood, like the feeling you get when family is reunited around the holidays.  It can only be attributed to our place in God’s family.  This became our TEAM. Throughout the week our friendships grew deeper and more meaningful. We shared quiet time in the morning, often times in 2 separate languages, but each day we spent, the 2 flowed into one.  We did run those camps and we did teach baseball all around Del Corazon de Jesucristo.  Some of the camps were awesome and ran without a hitch, some were filled with 100’s of kids and some were a little disjointed and only had a handful of kids there, but every singe one of them brought us closer together with our new found brothers and the Dorseys.  At the end of the week we organized and ran a baseball tournament in which our TEAM served as the umpires, what a treat and what passion the DR kids play the game with.
By weeks end it was difficult to tell which of our team was from the DR and which were from the states as we were all speaking in broken English and broken Spanish. The amount of laughter we shared during the week still makes my side hurt just thinking about it.  I know for the 6 guys who left at weeks end to go back to the states the time in the DR was way better than we could have ever hoped,  and God again proved his awesomeness by not allowing our pride, or our own agenda to get in the way of Him impacting our hearts through our new found family.  We will forever be changed by our trip and I know most of us are planning on returning, either way we know for certain God’s family is an even more wonderful thing than before and we pray and think about our brothers there often.




View pictures from the camp here: http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/welcome.sfly?fid=bf29d0fcf270fdbc&sid=0AZM2zls3YsmrjA

Summer Highlights: Brian Donohew/Baseball

August of 2013 my son and I made a trip to Steve and Julie Dorsey’s Del Corazon de Jesuscristo Ministry. It was a wonderful trip that although was centered around baseball, God was really at the center of everything we did. Everything was to glorify HIM.

Steve and Julie are great people with a deep passion for the Lord and the people of the DR. I could really see God’s hand at work with all that has been done there over the last several years.

I would strongly encourage anyone wanting to take a short term mission trip to visit Steve and Julie Dorsey and their ministry abd help them continue God’s work.

Brian Donohew


View pictures from the trip here http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/welcome.sfly?fid=bf29d0fcf270fdbc&sid=0AZM2zls3YsmrjA

Summer Highlights: “Sobre mi Bautismo”, Jose Luis Vega Jimenez

My baptism was something grand and something incredible, like something I never imagined. Before this, I was thinking,” How will I be,  happy or sad?” Everything has happened as God planned. I think that since I was baptized everything in my life has changed. I consider baptism as one of the most important things in the life of a Christian or new believer. It is like you are becoming whole and complete.

When I was baptized that day I thought I was dreaming because many beautiful and marvelous things were happening that I could not believe. The people that were with me were also very kind to me. They supported and encouraged me in many things. I never thought that such marvelous things could happen in my life.

Now, I am part of you Lord. I have part of You.

My life before was a bit horrible. But now God is by my side. Psalm 23:1-2 “Jehova es mi Pastor y nada me faltara”.

Jose Luis Vega Jimenez “Freddy”

summer 2013 dd 645

Summer Highlights: Baptism of Kiki Batista


My name is Kiki. I was born in El Catey where I still live now. My life with Jesus used to be distant. When I was youger I liked to go to parties and drink and do many bad things. God was calling me but I was not listening. One day I went to visit the Americans. Steven was talking about God and the things that He has done for us. I listened but I did not do anything about it. After some time I lost my job and still was not walking with Jesus. They were always talking about Jesus and this encouraged me. One day they asked me if I wanted to accept Jesus and I said yes! After some time they taught me about baptism and what it means for a believer. I said I want that. It was like a new life for me. It is something beautiful where I could feel the presence of God. I ask for you prayers for me that I would continue in my walk with God, understanding more about His word, and for my friends and leaders.

Thank you,

Kikisummer 2013 dd 648