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Home visit to Induaba

     We made a home visit to Induaba today. The girls wrote letters of encouragement and read them to her. Her mother says that Induaba has faith that God will heal her eye. She is still unable to see out of her right eye. She will return to Santo Domingo for a follow up visit […]

Pray for Induaba

Induaba, 7 years old, was brought to our clinic by her father with an eye injury. She had a penetrated globe injury, or literally, someone poked a hole in her eye. This was a seriuos injury, and if not treated correctly and immediately she would lose her eye. We sent her to a mission hospital in […]

Painting the Pizzeria

One of the umpa lumpas came to help us paint the pizzeria.

October 2009 – March 2010, Noah Purington

Noah is here from Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, to teach English. He has already started and has two full classes. In addition to that he likes to take our boys surfing.

March 1-10, 2010, Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay

The team from HCKB, led by Pastor Rob McWillaims, will be coming down with Dr Earl Nakagawa to provide much needed eye care and their team of ” Macgyvers” to help meet construction needs on campus.

February 12-20, 2010, FAME

FAME, one of our mission partners, exists to spread the fame of Jesus Christ to all nations through medical evangelism. They will be with us to provide health care to the poorest communities of Samana. Get more information at:  

November 21-24, Rik Benson

Rik Benson, pastor, baseball coach and director of a Christian baseball league, will be here with some of his players to put on a baseball clinic for the kids of El Catey. Our kids are going to love it.

November 13-24, Teddy Ray Cooper

  The master electician and mechanic, Teddy Ray Cooper, will be with us November 13-24 to complete the electrical work in the pizzeria and do anything else that we need ( which is a lot ).  What a blessing! Thanks MR T!

Back in the DR

Steve’s back is back and we are back in the DR.

New Pizza shop finished

We finished th pizza shop. Yum!!


Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)