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Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay

On March 2 an awesome group from Hope Chapel will arrive. Dr Earle will conduct eye clinics at different sites around Samana and the rest of the “Macgyvers” will do construction projects on our campus. Its going to be a great week. Pray for safety, focus, and changed hearts.


Last week we had the honor and pleasure of hosting another FAME medical team. As usual, they were a phenominal group, blessing us with their refreshing, humble hearts and reflecting the love of Jesus to us as well as the Dominicans. We worked in 5 different locations and touched and treated almost 1000 people. The […]


The FAME team will be here to make an eternal impact through medical clinics on our campus and in the surrounding communities of Samana.

FAME Medical Team

We are so blessed to have the FAME team coming to work with us. A group of 22 people, medical doctors, nurses and support staff, will arrive Friday, February 12. Please pray that God would have his will in each heart, that we would be open to his teaching, that we would use sound judgement and […]

Band Aids or Eternal Healing

Because I live in the Dominican Republic I have been asked many times if I have been to Haiti. My response has always been, ” Never have, never will. Only if God calls me. ” I guess last week I received the call. I went to a border town in the DR named Jimani, then […]


Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)