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  If you have been to visit us in the DR you are probably aware of our electrical challenges. The challenges have increased over the past year with less supply of electricity from the city, or grid. Fortunately, we have a power inverter for each building which provides back up energy supply when the grid […]


Earlier in the year we opened our pizzeria. It is quite a popular place with young people and families coming to enjoy good pizza which is nonexistant in our area. It is something the people looked forward to on the weekends. It is a great opportunity for young people to get work experience, learn about […]

Leadership Training

  One of our goals at Delcorazon is to train the younger generation to be the future Christian leaders of El Catey and the Dominican Republic. We identify those who have a desire to learn and grow and encourage them to get involved in the ministry. We create a paying job, have scheduled Bible studies […]

Sickle Cell Children

Sickle Cell Anemia occurs when there is a defect in the structure of the red blood cell which decreases a person’s ability to carry oxygen to their tissues. As a result, children with sickle cell experience a crisis almost every 3 months, which may involve pain anywhere in the body and difficulty breathing. Here in […]

The Pavillion

The Pavillion: a place where large groups of people can come to worship Jesus and learn about Him through medicine, education and sports. It has been part of the vision for 9 years and it is finally here, all but the concrete floor. The completion of the pavillion is one of the most significant milestones […]


Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)