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The Pavillion: Pressing on

Besides getting back to stapling up heads, sowing  lacerations, draining abscesses and cleaning wounds, we have been busy laying down the gravel to prepare for the pouring of the pavillion floor. As you can see there are literally tons of gravel to spread around. On Februrary 7 our good friend Greg Hardin and his family will […]

Dorcas and Company

We started off the year with 3 new and exciting bible study classes, one of them being Dorcas and Company.  The students in this class are learning how to sew by hand and machine, and learning about a woman named Dorcas and how she lived her life.  Disciple-Obedience-Respect-Corazon de amor (heart of love)-Acts of charity-Senor […]


Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)