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Baseball is Back

This month we reorganized our baseball league. We have included teams from neighboring towns and now have 16 teams with over 200 kids aged 10-14 playing. These kids can play all day long and keep coming back for more. With 7 games on the weekend they sure keep us busy. Its great to see such […]

Del Corazon Running Club: 10K, Las Terrenas

Yesterday we traveled on the new highway to Las Terrenas to participate in the 5K/10K, the first for most of us. Our group has been running together almost daily with great anticipation for this event, especially “El Mudo”( our deaf friend, Rafael ). The course was along the beach and the weather was perfect. Gato […]

Del Corazon Running Club

We will be entering our second event this weekend, the first for most. We now have 7 people in our group running on a regular basis. Absent form the picture is Rafael, a 52 year old deaf mute who has recently joined us. Rafael comes to the clinic everyday and points to the picture and […]


Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)