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Summer Highlights: Brian Donohew/Baseball

August of 2013 my son and I made a trip to Steve and Julie Dorsey’s Del Corazon de Jesuscristo Ministry. It was a wonderful trip that although was centered around baseball, God was really at the center of everything we did. Everything was to glorify HIM. Steve and Julie are great people with a deep […]

Summer Highlights: “Sobre mi Bautismo”, Jose Luis Vega Jimenez

My baptism was something grand and something incredible, like something I never imagined. Before this, I was thinking,” How will I be,  happy or sad?” Everything has happened as God planned. I think that since I was baptized everything in my life has changed. I consider baptism as one of the most important things in […]

Summer Highlights: Baptism of Kiki Batista

Hello, My name is Kiki. I was born in El Catey where I still live now. My life with Jesus used to be distant. When I was youger I liked to go to parties and drink and do many bad things. God was calling me but I was not listening. One day I went to […]

Summer Highlight: FAME, The Hartgerink Family

Last fall around this time, as I was out for a training ride on my bike,  I felt a distinct pull to go back to the Dominican Republic.  My wife, Beckie, and I had been there previously on a medical mission trip in 2008 with FAME and vowed to Steve and Julie that we would one […]

Summer Highlights: FAME, The Kim Family

My family had the most rewarding and wonderful experience at El Catey, DR. We have been to many “fancy” family vacations, but this trip was by far the most memorable and rewarding trip of all. The trip started with a very warm welcome at the airport by Steve and Jeffrey. As soon as we arrived […]

Pat ” Father Pat” Reece

On August 28, 2013, our dear friend Pat Reece moved out of his old tent and into his new, perfect body. Pat’s vibrant, full of life, loving character is indescribable. He has been our friend for most of our life, a pioneer in the ministry of Del Corazon since the beginning, a loving brother forever. […]

Our Short Term Mission Trip: Team New York May 2013

Our recent trip to El Catey to work with Del Corazon de JesuCristo was truly a blessing and a great opportunity for our team.  Despite the rainy weather, we were able to hold successful events for the kids of El Catey throughout each day we were there.  We sang worship songs, taught Bible stories and […]

Dental Clinic

The dental clinic is ready. Ted Cooper from Indianapolis, John Reed and Karen Kenny from Memphis, Dr. Chris Rowland, Council his son, Parker and Brad, came and worked very hard getting everything together to prepare the clinic. Jeffrey is in his second semester of dental school and is very excited about starting to see patients. […]

Anywhere, anytime?

“It wasn’t too long ago, when you gave up your heart and soul. You’d move when He said to go, anywhere, anytime. The love that you felt back then, when you promised your life to Him, you’d sure be the one He’d send, anywhere, anytime. Now preoccupied, the world has caught your eye, is your […]

Sponsor Sickle Cell Patients

Sickle Cell Anemia occurs when there is a defect in the structure of the red blood cell which decreases a person’s ability to carry oxygen to their tissues. As a result, patients with sickle cell experience a crisis almost every 3 months, which may involve pain anywhere in the body and difficulty breathing. Here in […]


Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)