These pasts weeks we have seen the Lord’s favor on this ministry!!! Here i present a recount of what’s happening in Del Corazon from February 24th to March 3rd 2015:

BeMommy is here!!


This sweet and faithful woman of God, is Gail Bennett (BeMommy, like her grandkids call her). She is a RNC,MSN and brings her 39 years of experience to serve in Del Corazon by training me in women’s health care and develop a women’s Bible study and will stay with us for a month. she has a heart for mothers and babies, and the community had received her with joy! I am blessed to have her here and to start this new season of Del Corazon with her help.

Mujeres Del Corazón!


On Feb,26th we (Gail and I) went out in the community to meet and invite the ladies to our Women’s group Mujeres Del Corazon (Women’s from the Heart). A time to get to know each other here in El Catey, to know our bodies and how we can take better care of it and be better women in the community. More important, a time to get to know more of God. We also shared with them the new scheddule for consults and the special consult for women’s health that we have now at the clinic. The ladies welcomed us and were very happy to hear that they will have a special consult for them. Some of the ladies said that if i stay for a year and they get used to me as their doctor, that i must stay in El Catey forever!! this was a huge encouragement for me, to feel so welcome by them ..glory to God!

Independence Day.


On Feb 27th the D.R celebrates its independence day and this year we were invited to be guests at the program that the local elementery school had prepare for that day. It was a great opportunity to see the whole community participating , specially the kids who did such a great job throughout the activities.

1rts Class.


March 2nd was the first meeting of Mujeres Del Corazon. Gail and I taught the ladies what are the parts of their reproductive system and the importance of knowing the menstrual cycle. We made a craft that would help them to know  better their cycle. Also we shared what the Bible says about a womans period, how a woman was considered impure and all that she touched was impure until night;as it reads in the book of Leviticus. One of the ladies, her name is Belkis stayed after the class and shared about her life and we were able to pray for her. Just how amazing is God by creating us womens in a way that make us able to be a part of the creation of another human being.

1rst Consult.


On March 3rd we started consults back at the clinic. General consults are now Tuesday thru Thursday; from 9am-12 pm and Women’s Health consults are from 2pm-5pm. The consults started on a slow pace the first week, which allowed us to adapt to the new way the clinic is now functioning. So far every week we are seeing more patients; helping most of their medical needs and praying for them, so that the Great physician be the healer in every area of their lives.

We are so thankful for God’s favor on us, for His wisdom and for all the great things He will do in Del Corazon de Jesucristo!! Please continue to pray with us and let us know how can we pray for you!