Our First 10K, ever

By dorsey

I have never been fond of distance running. In high school I ran because I had to. After that, I never imagined that I would ever run again, especially long distance. Its been almost 30 years, but I decided to give it a try. I recently began running around the track of our baseball field. When Gato decided to join me, I recognized a natural runner. I searched and found an official running event in Santo Domingo, something unheard of for our rural kids. Gato and I decided to go for it. We began training a little over a month ago. I started with a mile, Gato started with 6, them worked up to 12 in the first week. I told him maybe he might want to take it easy, since we were just getting started. Over the month I worked my way up to 10K and he worked his way down. Last week we went to SDQ and ran the race. It was a big event, well organized, with a lot of people. It was quite exciting, especially for Gato, and for me to watch him get excited to participate. It was a blast. Gato blazed through it finishing 30 out of 500 with a time of 40 minutes. It was a blessing for me to come in and finish and to see him proudly wearing his medal. God is so sweet.

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Way to go Gato!!! Steve, it looks like you ran a few miles further that he did. What happened, did you get off track? Or did Gato have time to shower before you finished?

Nice work encouraging the kid’s strength!! He’ll remember that race for the rest of his life whether he becomes an Olympian or never runs again. Just another example of what I know you do every day in the DR. God bless you and Julie and those kids!!

Thanks Jim. Gato defintely had time to shower before I finished.


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Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)