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By dorsey

My name is Hardlen “Harley” (like the motorcycle) Acosta.  I live in El Catey, Dominican Republic, right next to Del Corazon de Jesucristo.  I have been here all of my life and I have spent a lot of time with this ministry.  It was there that I learned about Jesus.  That changed my life.

I played in the Del Corazon little league and enjoyed it very much.  As I got older, I began to umpire the games.  One day, a group of missionaries came.  One of them was an umpire.  He gave a course in umpiring which encouraged and motivated me.  I realized I could do this and my dream to become a professional umpire began.

I understand that being an excellent umpire requires discipline, integrity, leadership and very hard work.  Part of my preparation has involved training and working as an aviation security officer.  This has helped to build character and to raise financial support.  I also continue to be involved with Del Corazon when I am not working.  This helps me with spiritual and physical development.

My ultimate goal is to be a professional umpire in major league baseball.  I will be an example and role model to the youth of El Catey and my country, demonstrating success through hard work, character, discipline and most of all commitment to Jesus Christ.

There has never been a Dominican umpire in major league baseball.  Through Del Corazon, I was able to meet the only Dominican in the minor league system, Ramon de Jesus.  He has been very positive and encouraging and has helped me with some advice.  First, I must attend professional umpire school in Florida.(  I must do well in the course and then enter the minor league system.  The cost for the course, including food transportation from the Dominican and lodging will be approximately $5,000.00.  I am saving half of my salary from aviation security job every month which will add up to $1700.00  by the end of this year.  I am very excited about this opportunity and expect it to be an experience of growth and maturity in all areas of my life.  Would you consider helping me achieve my dream?

These are my needs:

  • Pray that I would continue developing discipline, integrity, spiritual maturity and physical fitness.
  • Pray that I learn English better.
  • Pray that I would be a strong role model for the youth.
  • Support me financially.  All donations can be made through Del Corazon and will be helb by them until I enter the academy.


Thank you for your generosity and for what you have allowed God to do through you in2009 1532 Del Corazon.hardlen 2

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