Summer Highlights: Ken Stuursma, Baseball Ministry

By dorsey
In August of 2013 a group of guys assembled in New York City to embark on a journey to the DR. 2 of the guys were from AZ, 3 were from OH and 1 was from VA.  Their ages ranged from 14-50+ and their common thread was a passion for baseball, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to teach both to others.  The trip began a long time ago when 2 of us got together via a mutual friend and realized the strong Christian brotherhood we had and a shared love for coaching the game we played for a good part of our lives.  It was amazing how often we spoke about going to the DR, but it wasn’t until one of us moved to AZ and was introduced to Dr. Steve Dorsey that things really took off.  We had BIG plans and figured we could do amazing things in the DR and do things better than they had ever been done before. We planned to take competitive travel teams down there and play all over the country and share the message of salvation in front of crowds of people.  We were going to bring down baseball equipment, and run the most professional camps ever seen in the DR and save lives for Christ at every stop. In a nutshell we thought we had it all figured out. Fortunately for us, God’s plans are always better and always bigger.  As we planned our trip, people dropped out, players didn’t want to come, equipment became difficult to get and then there were issues with getting it there, and in the end there were only 6 of us. No team, no great plan, no great anything except a willing heart and THAT is were our story begins.
We arrived in the DR on a Saturday and were greeted by Dr. Dorsey and 2 of his boys Gato and Freddy. Both spoke a little English but there was not much we could understand.  As we drove into the campus Steve and his wife had built we were instantly drawn to the baseball field. I guess in that sense, we were very similar to our DR brothers who love the game.  It was there we met Freddie, Harley and Jeffrey.  We laughed and played baseball for hours, each of us trying to out do the other.  We played catch, pitched to each other, tried to hit off each other.  It was like we all had digressed back to our youth although some of us, including myself, had long passed those days.  The bond wasn’t just baseball, their was a really sense of brotherhood, like the feeling you get when family is reunited around the holidays.  It can only be attributed to our place in God’s family.  This became our TEAM. Throughout the week our friendships grew deeper and more meaningful. We shared quiet time in the morning, often times in 2 separate languages, but each day we spent, the 2 flowed into one.  We did run those camps and we did teach baseball all around Del Corazon de Jesucristo.  Some of the camps were awesome and ran without a hitch, some were filled with 100’s of kids and some were a little disjointed and only had a handful of kids there, but every singe one of them brought us closer together with our new found brothers and the Dorseys.  At the end of the week we organized and ran a baseball tournament in which our TEAM served as the umpires, what a treat and what passion the DR kids play the game with.
By weeks end it was difficult to tell which of our team was from the DR and which were from the states as we were all speaking in broken English and broken Spanish. The amount of laughter we shared during the week still makes my side hurt just thinking about it.  I know for the 6 guys who left at weeks end to go back to the states the time in the DR was way better than we could have ever hoped,  and God again proved his awesomeness by not allowing our pride, or our own agenda to get in the way of Him impacting our hearts through our new found family.  We will forever be changed by our trip and I know most of us are planning on returning, either way we know for certain God’s family is an even more wonderful thing than before and we pray and think about our brothers there often.




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