Most people don’t seem to have a full understanding of the term “worship”. To briefly define it, I have chosen “a direct expression of our ultimate purpose for living to glorify God and fully to enjoy Him forever.” The term “worship” is derived from the term “worth-ship”. When we are praising God we are ascribing Him worth.

My goal in coming to El Catey is to spread this meaning, and the importance of living a worshipful life while teaching the skill of playing musical instruments. So far we have had 2 Bible studies in the first week of being here and multiple lessons with each of my 4 students: Jeffery on bass guitar, Kiki on drums, Gato on acoustic guitar, and Freddie on acoustic guitar.

The progress each of them has made skillwise on their instrument is beyond my explanation. God has definitely been providing us all with wisdom. For them, it’s the ability to learn something completely new to them at an exceptional rate. For me, it’s the ability to teach them these instruments when the teacher point of view is completely new territory for me. Even with the progress each has been making on their instruments, I would like to put an emphasis on the importance of living a worshipful life.

Please pray for me as I continue to minister to these 4 guys, and that God continues to show me what to do as His plan unravels.

Micah Smith