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The Dental Clinic

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the container loaded with high quality dental supplies and equipment. Dr Chris Rowland from Memphis, TN, worked very hard to collect the equipment from generous donors such as Les Binkley and World Medical Missions. As soon as the container arrives we will begin setting everything in place to […]

Dental School Scholarship

Jeffrey is an exceptional, very gifted individual. We are so blessed to have him as our “Dominican son” and part of our ministry. We believe that Jeffrey is a genuine Godly man of the future, a true “home grown” local leader. He has expressed the desire to become a dentist and stay in his home […]

FAME medical team

  Hello everyone, The FAME medical team is arriving today. There are 20 people on the team, including one doctor form the Dominican, Leslie Valenzuela. We will be doing medical camps for 5 days next week around the Samana area.  Please pray that each heart is focused on the Lord and for blessings on all […]

Del Corazon Running Club: 15 K

On Saturday May 26 we traveled to Santo Domingo to run our first 15 K. There is 6 in our group now but Yan was not allowed to participate because he is only 11, even though he can outrun me. We all did well, with the exception of me losing my toe nail and Freddy […]

Baseball is Back

This month we reorganized our baseball league. We have included teams from neighboring towns and now have 16 teams with over 200 kids aged 10-14 playing. These kids can play all day long and keep coming back for more. With 7 games on the weekend they sure keep us busy. Its great to see such […]

Del Corazon Running Club: 10K, Las Terrenas

Yesterday we traveled on the new highway to Las Terrenas to participate in the 5K/10K, the first for most of us. Our group has been running together almost daily with great anticipation for this event, especially “El Mudo”( our deaf friend, Rafael ). The course was along the beach and the weather was perfect. Gato […]

Del Corazon Running Club

We will be entering our second event this weekend, the first for most. We now have 7 people in our group running on a regular basis. Absent form the picture is Rafael, a 52 year old deaf mute who has recently joined us. Rafael comes to the clinic everyday and points to the picture and […]

Pavillion Floor

Thanks to Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay for sending Greg Hardin and his family to help us do the floor of the pavillion. Greg and his three kids, Rachelle, Nate and Nick did an outstanding job putting down a beautiful concrete floor. The Pavillion is now complete and already in use. Thanks to everyone who helped […]

Dental Team

What a great blessing it was to have Dr. Jim Gosney and his wife Susan with us. They were sent here by World Medical Mission to help meet our dental needs. Dr. Jim and his wife worked hard to pull teeth and fill cavities on many of our public school teachers and families. The school […]

The Pavillion: Pressing on

Besides getting back to stapling up heads, sowing  lacerations, draining abscesses and cleaning wounds, we have been busy laying down the gravel to prepare for the pouring of the pavillion floor. As you can see there are literally tons of gravel to spread around. On Februrary 7 our good friend Greg Hardin and his family will […]


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