Del Corazon Running Club: 10K, Las Terrenas

By dorsey

Yesterday we traveled on the new highway to Las Terrenas to participate in the 5K/10K, the first for most of us. Our group has been running together almost daily with great anticipation for this event, especially “El Mudo”( our deaf friend, Rafael ). The course was along the beach and the weather was perfect. Gato smoked it and came in 10th place overall and first place for his age group, winning a special medal. The others finished strong as well. “El Mudo” was a celebrity with many people recognizing him, most surprised that he was running the race. We ran together and as we neared the finish he just kept pointing at the medal, knowing that he would soon put it around his neck. One day we will all wear the prize. For now, we should run our race with that same anticipation, for the medal we will receive will be so much more than what we can imagine, and best of all, eternal.



Gato: First place, age 15-20

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Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)