Del Corazon Running Club

By dorsey

We will be entering our second event this weekend, the first for most. We now have 7 people in our group running on a regular basis. Absent form the picture is Rafael, a 52 year old deaf mute who has recently joined us. Rafael comes to the clinic everyday and points to the picture and medals of Gato and I from the last 10 K. He cant wait to get his. Sunday March 4 we will be running a 10K in Las Terrenas, a tourist town about 30 minutes from here. My good friend and Ironman Junior Cachero has helped sponsor a few runners. We could stilll use $150 to sponsor the others and help pay for transportation costs. If you like you can donate on our website

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Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)