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One of our goals at Delcorazon is to train the younger generation to be the future Christian leaders of El Catey and the Dominican Republic. We identify those who have a desire to learn and grow and encourage them to get involved in the ministry. We create a paying job, have scheduled Bible studies and regular “staff” meetings which prepares them for future positions of employment and leadership. We try to be a “hinge” in which we identify the strengths of an individual, encourage and develop that strength, then help them achieve their dream or passion. Meet our boys:


Jeffrey is my right hand man. He joined us  years ago as a volunteer when we were constructing the baseball field. He showed up faithfully every day and spent a great deal of time with me. Shortly after joining us he turned his life over to Jesus and has grown tremendously. Last year he completed nursing school and almost runs our clinic. Jeffrey is incredibly gifted and a tremendous contributer to our ministry. His heart is commited to remaining in El Catey and his aspirations are to become a dentist so he can provide dental care to our local community. Jeffrey lives with us and works hard to keep the ministry running smoothly.


One of the first boys that I met in El Catey was Gato. He was 8 years old. We have been very close over the years. A few years ago his mother moved to Santo Domingo and he went with her. He has struggled in school and more so in Santo Domingo. Last year he and his mother decided that it would be best for him to return to El Catey. He returned and now lives with us. We are able to help him with his education and he works on the campus maintaining the grounds and the baseball field. Gato believes that he has a long term future with Del Corazon.


Freddy has grown up around the ministry, playing baseball in the little league, coming to VBS, and having his teeth pulled when the dentists are in town. He joined us to meet our agricultural needs by working in the greenhouse and tending to our fruit trees. He finished high school and desires to go to the university to study accounting. We have put him in charge of managing the pizzeria and ice cream sales.


Yan has been around before he could walk. He comes from a solid family with Christain parents and had his own personal relationship with Jesus. He has a big heart and is a natural servant. He has developed a passion for medicine and spends most of his time with me in the clinic. He loves to help people and particularly enjoys taking care of their wounds. He wants to be a doctor.

If you would like to help train our leaders please visit out website to find out how. http://www.delcorazon.org/help-out/contribute-financially/

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Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)