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Earlier in the year we opened our pizzeria. It is quite a popular place with young people and families coming to enjoy good pizza which is nonexistant in our area. It is something the people looked forward to on the weekends. It is a great opportunity for young people to get work experience, learn about business, responsibility, hard work and earn some income. A few months ago our oven broke down and our dough mixer needs repair. At this time we are not able to make pizzas but we added ice cream to our menu. As you can imagine, ice cream has been a big hit. We are able to continue to generate income for our workers. Our goal for next year is to get our equipment repaired and get back to making pizzas. We have people coming by frequently asking when the pizza will be back. The cost to repair the oven and the mixer is $1250.

Please visit our website if you would like to help keep pumping out the pizzas. http://www.delcorazon.org/help-out/contribute-financially/

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Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)