Summer Highlights: FAME, The Kim Family

By dorsey

summer 2013 475My family had the most rewarding and wonderful experience at El Catey, DR.
We have been to many “fancy” family vacations, but this trip was by far the most memorable and rewarding trip of all.
The trip started with a very warm welcome at the airport by Steve and Jeffrey. As soon as we arrived at the Dorsey’s compound, Julie and the boys greeted us like a family…we immediately felt like we were at home…

The daily medical clinic was tremendously well organized, Steve was always present and supportive with many diagnosis and treatments that I was unfamiliar with.
Many patients had tears in their eyes as we prayed over them after our medical evaluations; I will never forget the power of Holy Spirit in me as I prayed over those patients.

One of the BEST part of the trip was Julie’s food. We looked forward to our dinner time… and the desserts were so delicious!!!
Daily devotions,praising, and testimonials after dinner were tremendous-I was spiritually recharged.
We already miss Steve and Julie’s kids – Jeffrey, Papa John, Freddie and Kiki. I truly believe that these boys are the next spiritual leaders in their communities and their country.

My family would like to thank Steve and Julie for being awesome,gracious hosts.
I would like to thank Steve for helping me realize that I can be so fulfilled and at peace with God with so little (we had no TV, computer, phone), and that only Jesus can fill the void in my life.

Take care.


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Dr. Steve, this is where you need to put a little "bio" for you and Julie.. (Pastor John)