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Del Corazón de Jesucristo is a medical ministry that has developed from a short missions trip to the Dominican Republic in 1986. At that time, Dr. Steve Dorsey, Director of Del Corazon, had yet to begin his medical training.

This initial mission trip provided the necessary inspiration, vision and, ultimately, resulting goal for Dr. Dorsey. He and his wife, Julie, have now dedicated their lives to the development of this ministry: a ministry in the Dominican Republic to provide hope through salvation in Christ and change lives for an eternity.

The vision of Del Corazón continues to evolve and expand, however the focus remains the same: evangelism through medicine and sports.

Our vision involves the development of a medical center, a Christian school and a recreation center.

  • Primary care, urgent and emergency services will make the medical center a focal point of the surrounding communities and open the door for physical and spiritual healing.
  • A wide range of sports and activities will be available at the recreation center. The rec center will provide a location where all members of the community can come together in a safe, positive environment.

The glory of God is man fully alive. Our purpose is to glorify God. We can do that by encouraging others to live the abundant life that God promised. A life full of love, joy and meaning. A life full of Jesus.

We seek to…

  • Train the younger generation to be the future Christian leaders of El Catey and the Dominican Republic. Many young people come to us searching for love and acceptance. They learn that Jesus is the true source of love, joy and wholeness.
  • Provide a short-term missions experience for those who are interested. We know that short-term missions change lives. We strongly encourage missions teams and individuals to join us.
  • Give medical students, doctors, dentists and other health care providers an opportunity to participate in medical missions. Health care providers play a major role in helping us meet the physical needs of our community. This experience may influence how they spend their future.
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