Often I am approached by people who are interested in getting involved, but feel inadequate or unusable. They say, “I’m only a bus driver,” or “I don’t even speak the language. What can I do?” My answer is:  “Show up!” All God wants is a willing heart. No skills are needed.
This is a story of a little rascal, Joselito, and his pal John.

John was a young man with a lot to offer, not much in the way of specific skills, knowledge or experience, but treasures in heaven because his heart was full of Jesus. John didn’t speak a word of Spanish, so talking the talk wasn’t an issue. However, he sure did walk the walk.

Joselito was a little boy, one who loved to stir up trouble. His favorite thing to do was throw rocks, especially at moving targets, such as pigs, chickens and donkeys. He also liked to climb trees and drop coconuts. There was no man in his home.

When the two met, Joselito found a mentor, a father figure. Although they never spoke a word to each other, they seemed to know each other’s thoughts. They were inseparable. Joselito was at our doorstep when we went to bed, and when we woke up. Often, early in the morning, we heard the chickens squawk and the neighbor shout, “Joselito!!!” He was our wake up call . . .

Joselito saw something in John. Something so desirable, he couldn’t get enough. Unfortunately 9 years went by without contact between the two. When I returned to Joselito’s hometown, I searched for him. Because he was such a rascal, with what appeared to be a dim future I expected the worst. I could not find him in his hometown and I found out why. Joselito went to the capital to go to seminary and is now a pastor!

What did John do? Nothing special, he just showed up. What did Joselito see in John? He saw Jesus.

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